Professional football coaching for children aged 3 to 14 yrs old - Company Message
Managers Info

Code of Conduct
Please read the coaches section of the code of conduct and ensure you stick to this while managing team within our program

Health and Safety Documents

Rules for managers!!!

Ensure you sort a DBS check out immediately before you start coaching for yourself and anyone helping out regularly to coach / manage the team (One off cover is fine)
All regular helpers must have registered with Tracy Jackson the welfare officer

Treat all children equal and fair

No screaming / shouting / negativity towards children / referees / opposition / parents 

Arrive before parents and players to set up etc

Always remain until last player has gone home

Don't leave yourself unattended with only one child - Stay in view of public

Don't put bibs in children's shorts for cat and mouse games - ask the children to tuck each others in if they cant do it themselves

Bring equipment / first aid kit to all games / sessions

Use appropriate language (No swearing etc)

Don't add any of the children as friends on social media etc

No Smoking or Vaping in front of children or on club sites

Always have a whistle on match days in case referee does not turn up.

If going out socialising with parents and children are present please drink responsibly

Check goals and pitches are safe for use (See risk assessment document)

Ensure you read through the Code of conduct, health and safety policy and risk assessment documents above and you follow these guidelines at all times.

DBS Checks!!
Anyone managing or helping out REGULAR with your child's team MUST complete a CRC check immediately before starting!!. 

How to do FA CRC Check

Go to select REGISTER on the right hand side of the sign in screen and enter the information requested, including:

Org PIN: 152145 /  Secret word: BORO / Org name: Riverside Juniors FC

Once registered, you will be directed to complete the application. You will be asked for your National Insurance, Passport and Driving Licence numbers so please ensure you have this information ready.

Leave FAN number blank if you dont have one

 You must then email [email protected] your id. If you are unknown to the commitee you may be asked to pop in for a quick interview.
You must check with Craig to ensure you are registered on the FA system before you start even if you have received your disclosure back in the post

FA Level 1 Course 

The main nominated manager / coach for the team must complete a level 1 coaching course within the first season

How to enrol on a Level 1

To enrol on a level 1 you must visit one of the following websites and click on courses then enrol on a FA level 1 course. They will regularly add extra courses so if dates don't suit then check every couple of weeks to see if there is any new courses that suit your availability. When booking on a course please ensure you book the charter standard discounted price of £135 as you will be attached to a junior club so will receive the discounted price.
Once you have completed your first year managing the team you can provide Boro Soccer Schools with a copy of your certificate and an invoice and we will refund you the full cost of your course. 

How to structure a 1 hour training session 

2 mins warm up exercise at start - 
Running / side steps / backwards / heel flicks / high kicks / swing arms / knee up & out  

10 minute fun warm up game 
Cat n mouse / stuck in mud / cow boys and Indians / bulldog etc

5 to 10 minute ball mastery 
 Use Coerver videos off you tube or down load there app

Main content games 15 to 20 mins
choose games from session plans listed below

15 to 25 minute mini 3 v 3 / 4 v 4 games at end to finish
Stop game to teach points from session topic when game breaks down

End of session
Finish session by getting kids in at end and ask them open questions on topic to feedback what they have learned

Tips for managing poor behaviour in training

Always operate a 3 step rule for any children not listening / misbehaving

Step 1 - Warning
Step 2 - Sit them out for 5 mins
Step 3 - Send them home

Repeat this every week and if a child is sent home early 3 times in a season for poor behaviour then they will be asked to leave the team. Don't be afraid in upsetting parents in this process as if their child is disrupting the session they need to be aware

When you call the kids in to explain things give them a loud 5 second count down to get in otherwise they will take forever. If they take longer than 5 seconds then sit them out. 

Only speak when you have everyone attention - if one kid is speaking just stay quiet and stare at them until they realise you are waiting for them to be quiet before you continue.

Fun - Warm up games

Fun Warm up Games ..pdf (PDF — 302 KB)

U7 / U8 - Session Plans - NYRB

Control.pdf (PDF — 5 MB)
Dribbling Avanced.pdf (PDF — 8 MB)
Turning.pdf (PDF — 3 MB)
Passing.pdf (PDF — 5 MB)
Shielding.pdf (PDF — 5 MB)
Dribbling.pdf (PDF — 6 MB)
Ground Control.pdf (PDF — 7 MB)
Game Awarness.pdf (PDF — 3 MB)
Stops and Starts.pdf (PDF — 2 MB)
Shooting.pdf (PDF — 5 MB)

Advanced session plans

Closing Down.pdf (PDF — 6 MB)
Defensive Heading.pdf (PDF — 4 MB)
Crossing.pdf (PDF — 3 MB)
Attacking Heading.pdf (PDF — 3 MB)
Shooting 2.pdf (PDF — 5 MB)

Tackling.pdf (PDF — 6 MB)
Coerver.pdf (PDF — 3 MB)

Useful website links for session planning are listed below

If you come across any more good websites please text the link to 07815062530 and we will share on the website for others

How to structure - Match Day Warm Ups

Please ensure you get your team down 30 mins before a kick of on match days to ensure they are warmed up correctly ready to play.

Your match day warm up must consist of high tempo games were the children have to be switched on and on the move throughout. DO NOT HAVE THEM STOOD IN LINES TAKING SHOTS AT THE KEEPER AS THIS COOLS THE BODY AND THEY SWITCH OFF WAITING FOR THEIR TURN AND END UP SWITCHED OFF WHEN KICKING OFF FOR THE MATCH

Example of a match day warm up to get them switched on for the game

3 mins warm up exercise at start - 
Running / side steps / backwards / heel flicks / high kicks / swing arms / knee up & out  

5 minute fun warm up game 
Cat n mouse / stuck in mud / cow boys and Indians / bulldog etc / Tag

Passing lines - 3 mins - 2 small lines opposite each other - pass ball to opposite line then follow pass going to back of line.

Passing circle - 3 mins - In small groups of 3 to 6 form a circle and do one touch / two touch passing then follow your pass to stand in persons place that you passed it to 

Keep ball 5 mins - Scooby Doo or Piggy in the middle who ever looses possession goes in the middle set them the challenge of 10 passes / 20 passes etc

Small 2v2 / 3v3 / 4v4 - 5 minute game - set a pitch going across the width of normal pitch using cones as small target goals

Just before kick off get them in for a quick team talk and then have them stand in their starting line up in positions and play keep ball again with subs as defenders closing down. Get them to keep positions and play it around the pitch.

Keep talking to the players and motivating them throughout the warm up exercises. If you sound and look up for the game then they will be!!

Contact Lists for all Teams

Under 8 Teams
CN7 - Coulby Newham Juniors - Anthony Lonsdale - 07867633840
PRC7 - Prissick Rovers City - Craig Eeles - 07838936510
PRU7 - Prissick Rovers United - Lee Chapman - 07758953180
RJR7 - Riverside Juniors Reds - Paul Jenkins - 07422072140
RJB7 - Riverside Juniors Blues - Paul Henderson - 07783400569
RJW7 - Riverside Juniors Whites - Lee Scott - 
BRB7 - Boro Rangers Blues - Chris Mcgill - 07832226226
BRA7 - Boro Rangers Athletic - Mathew Smith - 07415121474
BRC7 - Boro Rangers City - Dan Ahmed / Dan Barker - 07957193408
BRI7 - Boro Rangers Inter - Jonathon Heaney - 07971226328
BRM7 - Boro Rangers Madrid - Ian Harte - 07809675841
BRO7 - Boro Rangers Oranges - Richard Wass - 07730578422
BRT7 - Boro Rangers Thornaby - Mick Moore - 07985370891
BRU7 - Boro Rangers United - Darren Bunn - 07828437491
BRY7 - Boro Rangers Yellows - Tommy Marron - 07402723118
BRW7 - Boro Rangers Whites - Paul Hetherington - 07899332223
BRG7 - Boro Rangers Greens - Alex Barnfather - 07828454790

Under 9 Teams
RJR8 - Riverside Juniors Reds - Andrew Murphy - 07771744574
RJB8 - Riverside Juniors Blues - Andy Moss - 07939960903
BRB8 - Boro Rangers Blue - Dale Graham - 07837046525
BRW8 - Boro Rangers Whites - Steven Hutt - 07941212786
BRO8 - Boro Rangers Oranges - Peter Conwell - 07747055513
BRY8 - Boro Rangers Yellow - Ross Elwine - 07802800211
BRC8 - Boro Rangers City - Stuart Campbell - 07702620928
BRU8 - Boro Rangers United 7 - Paul Cleary - 07989199461
BRG8 - Boro Rangers Green - Andy Yulie - 07496305402
BRA8 - Boro Rangers Athletic - Mark Shields - 07849308123
CN8 - Coulby Newham Juniors - David Mason - 07517037339
PRA8 - Prissick Rovers Athletic - Michael Medd - 07764571619
PRC8 - Prissic Rovers City - Connor Mcgreggor - 07804163333
PRM8 - Prissick Rovers Madrid - Broklyn Hanley - 07981279015
PRU8 - Prissick Rovers United - Danny Thompson - 07397550119
RJW8 - Riverside Juniors Whites - Russell Baxter - 07872122668
RJY8 - Riverside Juniors Yellows - Jack Smith - 07944161548
ACK8 - Acklam FC - Stu Lawson - 07801283861

Under 10 Teams 
RJM9 - Riverside Juniors Madrid - Jon Colinson - 07824534650
PRU9 - Prissick Rovers United - Andrew Tickle - 07468569687
PRC9 - Prissick Rovers City - Trevor Mcgloughlin - 07534328061
PRM9 - Prissick Rovers Madrid - Gamile Hunashi - 07800794175
RJR9 - Riverside Juniors Reds - Dave Harbisher - 07584320729
RJB9 - Riverside Juniors Blue - Marc Adamson - 07828807902
RJW9 - Riverside Juniors Whites - John Milburn - 07831299599
BRC9 - Boro Rangers City - David Harrison - 07470779392
BRA9 - Boro Rangers Athletic - Tom Kirby - 07919922736

Under 11 Teams
PRU10 - Prissick Rovers United FC - Darren Jackson - 07849982476
RJR10 - Riverside Juniors Reds - Steve O Brien - 07912859864
PRC10 - Prissick Rovers City - Dean Baker - 07525833878
RJW10 - Riverside Juniors Whites - Stevie Addidson - 07854109072
RJB10 - Riverside Juniors Blue - Simon Mbarushimana - 07427204240
PRM10 - Prissick Rovers Madrid - Dean Bennett - 07789902930

Under 12 Teams 
BRG11 - Boro Rangers Greens - Rob Eason - 07581239802
CNB11 - Coulby Newham Juniors Blue U10 - Nick Loughran - 07793000291

Under 13 Teams
RJ12 - Riverside Juniors - Glyn Swinnerton - 07738269052
PR13 - Prissick Rovers FC - Micheal Robinson - 07957760301

Under 14 Teams
RJ13 - Lee Jones - Riverside Juniors 12s - 07747456248

Under 15 teams
RJ14 - Riverside Juniors - Paul Routledge - 07961057979 

Training Pitch Bookings
Friday Training bookings 
  Time -  5 / 5.30
 Time - 6/6.30
 Pitch 2
BRW8 -  5.30
 Pitch 3
 RJW8 - 5.30
Pitch 6

RJB8  - (6.00pm)
Pitch 7 

BRG8 - (6.00pm)
Pitch 8
BRC8 - (6.00pm)
Pitch 10
PRU9 - 5.30
PRM9  - 6.30
Pitch 11
PRC10 - 5.30
BRG11 - 6.30pm
Pitch 12
RJ12 - 6.30pm
Pitch 13

RJ13 - 6.30pm

 Saturday Training Bookings

CN7 / RJB7


PRC9  / BRB8

Midweek training slots

Monday 5.30 to 6.30 - Pitch 10 - RJW9 & PRU9
Monday 6-7 - ACK8

Tuesday - 5.00 TO 6.00 - Pitch 12 - PRU12 

Wednesday - 6.00 to 7.00 - Pitch 2 RJR9 / pitch 3 - 6.00 - 7.00- PRC7 / 5.30 to 6.30 - Pitch 10 - BRA9 & BRC9 / 6.30 to 7.30 - CNB11 & RJ14 Pitch 12

Thursday - Pitch 2 - BRB8 5.30 TO 6.30 / Pitch 3 - ACK8 - 6pm to 7pm

Professional midweek coaching slots that players can access




Pitch 10 
Pitch 11



Summer Tournaments 
For info on local tournaments in area over summer please visit and click the tournament tab on top of page. However we would advise you doing your own tournament at MSV and just invite 3 other teams to play in a friendly round robin. More often that not you will pay £30 to enter a comp and will be stand around between games for lengthy periods and be there all day 9-5 and only play 1 hour of football

Club affiliation numbers 
(You will need these if entering in any competitions)

Riverside Juniors - NRI0805
Boro Rangers FC - NRI1098
Prissick Rovers FC - NRI0804

Referees for friendlies
We organise all official game referees but do not provide referees for friendlies but if you would like to organise referees for a friendly or a round robin comp then please use the  data base below. They are normally paid £15 a game plus travel expenses

TJFA Team Match day process

When you are the home team
(This does not apply to friendly games)

Tuesday night before Game
  1. Check who you are playing on the TJFA website then check MSV JUNIOR FOOTBALL FACEBOOK PAGE for what K.O time/ pitch you have been allocated. If you have not been allocated a pitch then text 07815062530 to let Craig know you need a pitch / referee sorting.
  2. Call opposition manager (Numbers in handbook) to inform them of K.O time and PITCH NUMBER
  3. Text parents K.O time / meet time / kit requirements etc
  4. If a team cant play you or have pulled out of league then text Craig on 07815062530 so he can cancel the referee
  5. Don't go off fixture grid handed out at the start of the season for your fixtures!! This is just a guide and can change! Always check the TJFA website every Tuesday and look at both the Division and cup section to see if you have been allocated a game on any blank weeks you have.

On the day of the match!!
  1. Take equipment and remember to bring your ID CARDS!!!! DO NOT PLAY ANY PLAYERS IN THE LEAGUE GAME WHO ARE NOT SIGNED ON!!
  2. Remember to take a whistle. The referee will only do the league game so if you do a freindly after (most teams do 30-40 min freindly U7s to U10s after league game to ensure all kids get plenty of game time but this will have to officiated by the coach or one of the parents from either team). 
  3. If the referee phones in sick or doesn't turn up you will have to offer it to the opposition to ref and get one of your parents to do it if they don't want to. This is why its also important to remember your whistle!!
  4.  Advise you only take two footballs to matches as if you take full bag they end up going missing.
  5. Get a match sheet from drawers relevant to your age group
  6. Fill in all details on match sheet - U7s don't need to sign but all U8s and above players must sign the sheet - Do not FORGE Signatures if you forget a player, Its advised to get everyone to sign before game as they all run off without signing at the end of game.
  7. Put completed match sheets back in the top drawer in cafe - remember to put score and goal scorers in end column - Basically fill in all the blanks on front 
  8. Text your league co ordinator straight after the game with your result and copy Craig Archer into the text on 07815062530. If you dont text by 4pm that day the league fine you £15!!!!

  • U7s = Martin Wood - 07960157062 
  • U8s = Micheal Doyle - 07476828221
  • U9s = David Grant - 07860136937
  • U10s = Craig Tupling - 07804623078
  • U11s = Darren Philpot - 07874217475
  • U12s = Colin Geddes - 07742022474
  • U13s = Craig Hurndall - 07583305494
  • U14s = Lee Shackleton - 07872610893

This process must be followed for all home League and Cup Games. If a game is cancelled you must still fill out the match sheet and text the co ordinator.

Failure to follow the procedures above will result in us receiving fines off the league

When you are the away team

If the opposition has not contacted you before the Wednesday before the game then chase them up to confirm kick off time.

Text Parents meet time and post code

Complete the match sheet that the home team will hand you

Text Craig Archer result on 07815062530

TJFA Match Day Pitch Allocations

Ideas for fundraising 

Subscriptions to MSV cover Pitch Hire, Referees, End of Season presentation, League Fees, county fees, Insurance, initial equipment and subscriptions for children to attend Boro Soccer Schools Advanced sessions

If you require anything additional to this ie extra or replacement equipment, Kit, training wear etc it is advisable that parents club together and do some fundraising for your team 

(Team secretary's are best to take the lead on this)

Blind Cards (Boddys near shipmate pub sell blnd cards)
Lottery Bonus Ball  
Sponsored Walks / Runs
Bag Packing at local store
Race nights / sports mans dinner (Libertys in town do race nights)

If doing a fundraising please ensure you have a few of you involved in cash handling that sign each time you have any income / outgoings and share this info regularly with parents so they know how much is in the teams kitty to protect yourself from parents is calculating what is in the pot and making false accusations

Equipment / Kit orders 

Please see Parent induction section on left for the kits for each team

All equipment needed can be bought at your local sports direct - Sondico Footballs are about £2.50 to £3.50 a ball and we would recommend you stick to these for training as they are cheap enough to replace as they are forever going missing

We advise using TS3 Sports for better quality and good prices. They also supply mega makers, slalom poles, first aid kits etc

TS3 Sport prices 

Mitre / Joma Footballs - £5.75 each 
Bibs - £2.50
Cones - £10.95

To order any additional equipment please contact TS3 Sports


How to sign a new player to the league

You will need the following to sign a new player into the league

2 passport photos - attached to blue cards - fill cards in and get player to sign both
A copy of there passport or birth certificate
A blue team sheet filled in and signed by player
Online induction read and completed by parent
Hand all of the completed paperwork in at reception to be processed

Signing on cards will not be processed until all of the above is completed so please use the above as your checklist and contact Tracy if any confusion 

How to transfer a player from another team 

Fill out a transfer form
Get departing team manager to sign and get there league ID card off them
A direct debit form filled in by parent at reception
Online induction read and completed by parent
Hand all of the completed paperwork in at reception to be processed

Signing on cards will not be processed until all of the above is completed so please use the above as your checklist and contact Tracy if any confusion 


How to cancel a player if he leaves

If they leave for another team sign transfer form when they bring it to you

If they have just dropped out and not went to another team then you will need to fill out a player cancellation form and hand in at reception

Once a player leaves the team you must email Tracy Jackson immediately to cancel their direct debit.   

All Documents needed for your team are located in the drawers inside the Cafe @ Middlesbrough Sports Village

Other Important Documents to read through

Team Officials Registration Form

All volunteers must submit details below to confirm they have read this section of the website and understand what is expected of them while helping with the teams in our association. Please ensure you leave a mobile number and 
email address as this be added to our group text that we will send vital info out to

Volunteer Full Name
Mobile number
Email Address
House number and street
Post Code
Date of Birth
Official role within team
I can confirm I have read and understood all info on this section of the website, the code of conduct and all relevant health and safety documents
Tick here to confirm undertanding

Paid coaches / referees information

All invoices must be emailed by the 5th of each month. If its hand written then take a photo of it and send via email, Payments will be processed by the 14th of each month for the previous months work. 

Coaches / Referees Timesheet and Registration forms - PDF

Coaches / Referees Timesheet and reg form - electronic version

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